Cost Savings and Reliability

  • We understand the challenges in securing capital for aging equipment and the stress on staff and real estate to maintain these stand-alone systems.
  • Our customer service team will evaluate potential customer systems and provide options for connecting to our reliable hot and chilled water services.
  • We partner with building owners and operators to identify energy efficiency opportunities through audits and system upgrades.
  • System reliability has exceeded 99.99 percent since heating and cooling service began.


Customer Service

    • District Energy’s customer service team is committed to exceeding our customers’ expectations for the most efficient energy solutions and finding cost-effective means of connecting new customers to our industry-leading system.
    • We work with customers seeking advice on building equipment repairs and purchases.
    • We work with customers individually to assist with their annual budgeting processes.
    • Our customer service offerings include regular communication through newsletters, our website, tours, trainings, and our annual engineering seminars.


Sustainable Solutions

    • Customer service engineers are knowledgeable on LEED, Energy Star, Green Globes and other rating systems and can work with building owners and managers who are seeking these credits for their buildings.
    • A combined heat and power (CHP) plant adjacent to District Energy is fueled primarily by urban wood residuals, which is a form of biomass — the sustainable, renewable energy stored in green plants and other organic matter.
    • Operation of the CHP plant has reduced District Energy’s emissions and reliance on coal. The facility an integral part of the management of urban wood residues.
    • Our hot water district heating system is twice as efficient as the previous steam heating system in downtown Saint Paul; we now heat twice the square footage of building space with the same amount of fuel.
    • Our closed-loop distribution system has eliminated the use of groundwater for heating and cooling, saving an important natural resource.
    • District cooling has reduced the use of chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerants in customer buildings.
    • Our two chilled water thermal storage tanks store water produced at night, using off-peak electricity, for daytime distribution to district cooling customers. Chilled water storage increases system efficiency by producing cooling at night and reliability, improves regional air quality and reduces regional peak electric demands.
District Energy St. Paul is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.