Ramsey County Law Enforcement Center

A successful district energy system depends on collaboration between the system and the customers.  Ramsey County partnered with District Energy, the City of Saint Paul, and the State of Minnesota, to launch its first solar installation generating hot water for the building through the integration of 35 solar thermal collectors (Solar Skies, produced in Alexandria, Minnesota).  The system is a unique demonstration site for small-to-medium sized systems linked to district heating systems, generating 320 million BTUs annually.  We commend Ramsey County for their leadership and for taking this step towards sustainability.

United Hospital

District Energy St. Paul is proud to claim United Hospital as one of the first customers to sign on for our hot water service in 1982.  They are also committed to District Energy services for years to come.  For nearly three decades United Hospital has been our partner, and like District Energy, is a vital and thriving establishment in the community. Several of their leaders have served on our Board of Directors representing our large customers.

District Energy’s mission is to be the preferred provider of community energy services that benefit our customers, the community, and the environment. Extending our relationship with United Hospital affirms that we are meeting this goal for their critical facilities,  and we are proud to support their efforts to serve our community. In addition to United Hospital, Downtown Saint Paul is fortunate to claim some of the best healthcare providers in the country.  Among them, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Regions Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital, and Bethesda Hospital have all chosen District Energy as their preferred service provider and serve as important anchors to our system. Most importantly, these great institutions provide a myriad of necessary services that serve the diverse needs of our city and our region.

Light Rail Transit – Operations & Maintenance Facility

The relocation of District Energy pipes as part of the complex utility relocations associated with the LRT construction marked a major milestone in the progress for this important infrastructure project. Another significant milestone was the completion of the Light Rail Transit – Operations & Maintenance Facility, otherwise referred to as the OMF.

District Energy St. Paul is pleased to provide heating and cooling services to the new OMF. District Energy now serves the newly renovated Union Depot. We are proud to be a part of these significant public projects and a partner to the Metropolitan Council, Metro Transit, and Ramsey County. Together we are installing the infrastructure for great things in Saint Paul and this region.

402 University Avenue East

District Energy St. Paul has been serving Ramsey County buildings for almost thirty years. In 2010 we were thrilled to extend our service contracts to some of their most critical buildings, including the Ramsey County Courthouse. In September of 2011, our relationship extended even further with the opening of the 402 University Avenue East building. This 38,000 square foot building is home to many essential programs providing mental and chemical health support services for adults.

District Energy will be supporting the 24/7 services of this facility with reliable hot water for heating and domestic hot water needs.  We are so pleased to be selected as their provider and to support the Department’s mission to “making a difference: helping people survive and thrive.”

District Energy St. Paul is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.