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Sun Spot – a solar-powered art installation that was hosted at District Energy St. Paul.

“Building community energy in St. Paul”
District Energy magazine. Read more.

District Energy St. Paul Plans Elimination of Coal for Heating System
Read more.

District Energy St. Paul Featured in United Nations Report
Our system has been featured as a key energy solution by the United Nations Environmental Programme in the report “District Energy in Cities.”

Saint Paul EcoDistrict
Explore science and sustainability in the heart of Saint Paul. Read more.

Plume Project – light, steam, art, science, community
Learn more about this groundbreaking public art project that transformed the Saint Paul skyline.

The Wave – July 2018

Ken Smith

Ken Smith

Since 2010 Saint Paul’s population has increased every year. Urban population growth is a trend that many metropolitan areas across Minnesota, the country, and the world are experiencing. As we have witnessed in Saint Paul, this trend has positive benefits like revitalized economic development and renewed social vitality. It also means additional expectations being placed on aged infrastructure planned and built for the demands of a drastically different era. Read more.

2017 Annual Report

District Energy St. Paul is connected for good. Please take a moment to learn more about our connections to the good work in our community in our 2017 annual report.

Employment Opportunities
Visit our employment page to view current openings.

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