We can help your team as you are planning your building renovation, new construction, or equipment replacement. Our team of experts can offer insights on mechanical design, equipment selection, and operational best practices to maintain indoor air quality and thermal comfort while meeting energy code efficiencies. We are just down the street and ready to help with your energy projects or system optimization.

Building Renovation

As your team is envisioning building use and high-level design, District Energy engineers can help you assess existing mechanical systems and infrastructure to determine what can be salvaged in your renovation. Our team of experts can help you analyze the impact your renovation plans will have on your energy system.

Replacing Old Equipment

As you are replacing old and unpredictable heating and cooling equipment, District Energy can connect you to our reliable heating and cooling services. By connecting to our system, you can eliminate the worry of equipment breakdown.

New Construction

By engaging District Energy experts early in your project, you can get the most out of your District Energy connection. We can help your architects and designers customize an energy solution to meet your needs. Early collaboration can help you minimize your mechanical footprint, optimize your energy system, and avoid change orders. Our experts will coordinate with your contractors throughout your construction to deliver your project on time and on budget while meeting the short-term and long-term goals for your development.