District Energy St. Paul is deeply committed to helping our customers run efficient and high-performing buildings. A district energy connection helps customers save energy and operate buildings more effectively. We recognize that even the best managed buildings strive for improvement and continually identify those opportunities.

In support of these efforts, District Energy offers customers an application process for our energy efficiency program. The application is now available here.

Energy Efficiency Program Application

Program Process
The application form serves as a screening tool to narrow down qualified projects. Selection will be made on a rolling basis, as resources allow. All customers who apply will be contacted by our customer service team to better understand the goals of their project and how our team can support efforts to save energy with new or existing resources.

Program Partners
Our community is fortunate to have several partners working toward more efficient buildings. The District Energy team will be working with the City of Saint Paul, Saint Paul Port Authority, Center for Energy and Environment, and others, to connect customers to the right program and resources for their projects.

Working Together
We encourage all of our customers to consider how we can work together to improve building performance and achieve safe and comfortable systems. Please reach out to our customer service team with any questions about this program or your connection to District Energy at 651-297-8955 or by email info@districtenergy.com.

District Energy’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship and Carbon Neutrality
Customer building efficiency and energy conservation are fundamental steps in District Energy’s commitments to reduce carbon. We recently announced the goals for our system. An overarching goal to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and an aspirational goal to save 7% of carbon annually. Additional information on these goals and our decarbonization efforts are available in our company news.