Giving back to the community is a core value of our organization. Our team works with many local partners to promote science and climate education, offer our support through volunteering, and provide funding to strengthen the fabric of our local community.


The District Energy team understands the important role education plays in environmental stewardship and future opportunities to shape our energy systems. In support of this, District Energy provides semi-annual technical training to our customers, to help them improve their building performance. Our team also participates in conferences and workshops around the world to share our experiences with energy system integration. We also have a speaker program for those looking to better understand energy systems and the interworkings of our plant and solar installation.

District Energy is a founding partner of the Saint Paul EcoDistrict, a sustainability learning experience in the heart of downtown Saint Paul and overlooking the mighty Mississippi River. This experience is built for science lovers, families, and kids of all ages.

Additionally, District Energy works with local education partners to promote STEM learning and climate education. In 2018, District Energy sponsored the work of Climate Generation and the Works Museum Girl Time program. We are pleased to support their mission-driven work and the difference they are making for our future environment.


We are proud of our commitment to the local community we serve. In alignment with our company values, our giving strategy is focused on supporting our customers, our community, and our environment. If you are interested in becoming one of our community partners, and your work focuses on the Saint Paul community, environmental stewardship, or science education, please contact Jenae Batt by phone at 651-925-8170 or email at