District Energy will work closely with you to help you meet short-term and long-term goals for your business. Customers on the system have enjoyed the benefits of system integration that is reliable, affordable, simple, and sustainable.

  • Reliability – we are there when you need us! (99.99% reliability)
  • Avoids up-front capital costs related to on-site energy production including boilers and chillers.
  • Increases usable building space by reducing mechanical space requirements.
  • On-call customer service 24/7/365.


  • Rates are competitive and stable (below the rate of inflation for decades).
  • Cost-based rates mean our investments focus on the customer.
  • Fuel flexibility helps customers avoid commodity market fluctuation.


  • On-demand heating, cooling, and domestic hot water.
  • Minimized moving parts and fewer maintenance tasks when compared to on-site alternatives.
  • Exceptional customer service with a team of experts that provide guidance on:
    o energy planning from concept through operations
    o connection options, mechanical interface, and financing terms
    o building performance optimization


  • Prioritizing energy efficiency helps to reduce costs and lower environmental impact.
  • We are committed to reducing carbon emissions through renewable energy and system efficiency.
  • Connection to our system helps buildings earn certifications, including LEED, WELL Building, Green Communities, B3, Green Globes, and Energy Star.