District Energy St. Paul has thrived for three decades by providing our customers with efficient and affordable heating and cooling services. We provide exceptional engineering assistance, financing options, and customer service. We value our customers and strive to be a dependable provider of a critical service for any property owner, business, or residential community. While we are national leaders in district energy, we know our roots are local.

District Energy’s goal is providing customers with the most reliable hot and chilled water service. Customers that have been with us for decades have seen significant savings by choosing District Energy over a stand-alone system. Our fuel flexibility helps customers avoid fuel market volatility. Our engineering service helps our customers run their systems most efficiently.

Heating Services – Hot water district heating delivered to customers year-round for space heating, domestic hot water and industrial process use.

Snow Melt – District Energy utilizes its heating return loop to offer convenience and safety to buildings looking for efficient solutions to managing sidewalks, parking lots, and other surfaces for pedestrian usage.

Cooling Services – Chilled water district cooling services are available to Saint Paul customers 365 days a year to keep buildings comfortable and data centers running effectively.

Operational Troubleshooting – The customer service team is available to assist customers with operation and maintenance challenges to their district energy and district cooling interfaces. Our team has long-standing relationships with local engineering firms and mechanical contractors who can be dispatched to troubleshoot equipment issues and optimize HVAC systems.

Energy Efficiency & System Optimization – Our customer service team is also available to help buildings identify energy efficiency opportunities through audits and system upgrades. The District Energy team is knowledgeable on LEED, Energy Star, Green Globes, and other rating systems and can work with operators and owners seeking these credits for their buildings.



“District Energy St. Paul’s founding principles–energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, stable rates, reliability and customer service–and the company’s track record of meeting them day in and day out, allow Travelers to locate many people here in Saint Paul. Because of District Energy’s reliability, we can also locate vital information technology equipment operations in downtown Saint Paul where a unique setup allows us to meet our business needs in the most cost-efficient manner.”
Jim Scannell, Travelers

District Energy St. Paul is operated and managed by Ever-Green Energy.