Efficient Buildings

District Energy St. Paul is committed to helping our customers run their buildings as efficiently as possible. To learn more about our efficiency program and energy savings opportunities, contact our team at 651.297.8955, email info@districtenergy.com, or support request form.

Optimized System Management

From fuel procurement and transportation, to hot water and chilled water production, to thermal storage, and our high-efficiency distribution systems, the District Energy team works to save energy at every step of the energy production and delivery process.

  • Modernized metering and tracking platforms are providing critical data earlier for our customer service engineers. This information helps get ahead of system inefficiencies, which helps the system and customers.

Integrating Renewables

District Energy is the most advanced and integrated hot water system in the United States.

  • Biomass has been incorporated for the production of electricity and heat (captured through the combined heat and power process). Up to 50% of the current annual heat production comes from the use of renewable wood waste.
  • Solar thermal is delivered into the system regularly from North America‚Äôs largest solar hot water system atop the Saint Paul RiverCentre.
  • District Energy is part of a community solar garden, helping to promote solar photovoltaic development at a utility-scale and stabilizing rates for our cooling customers.

Reducing Carbon

District Energy St. Paul is committed to continual reductions in its carbon footprint.

  • The company goal is to reduce carbon 20% by 2025.

Sustainability Partnerships

Our organization knows that we can accomplish so much more through partnerships. We support partners who are working diligently to improve public policy, provide climate and science education, and drive opportunities for the clean energy economy. District Energy current supports the work of the following organizations working toward environmental stewardship and sustainable energy solutions:

For more information on our community partnerships, please contact Nina Axelson by phone at 651.925.8147 or email at nina.axelson@ever-greenenergy.com.