All about Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are a key component to the energy transfer from the District Energy heating and cooling services to the customer’s building HVAC system. District Energy can provide support on how to properly configure heat exchangers, how to diagnose issues, and how to clean and maintain the equipment. Connect with our team for energy design assistance and help with any heat exchanger questions or issues.

Here are the key recommendations from an Operating Engineers Seminar presentation, which could help your buildings run more effectively:

  • Cleaning heat exchangers can extend the life of your equipment and help keep your system running efficiently. Cleaning should be included in your scheduled preventative maintenance program. Without regular cleaning passages can become blocked and then cleaning will not be possible. For domestic hot water and process heat exchangers, it is recommended to clean them once a year. Building (or space) heat exchangers are recommended to be cleaned every five years. If your equipment is performing outside of manufacturer temperature and pressure specification, cleaning your heat exchanger may help to resolve these issues.
  • Generally heat exchanger design specifications can be found on the mechanical schedules of your building’s blueprints. If you do not have a copy of this equipment information, you can contact the equipment manufacturer for specifications.
  • Oversizing heat exchangers can cause many issues including low flow conditions, which can cause fouling of the system and lack of control authority.
  • When you are selecting equipment, adding equipment, or modifying your equipment configuration, our customer service team can help you select the right assets to meet your needs and assist you with finding the most cost effective solutions for your system.

If you have any questions or concerns about your energy transfer or equipment, please contact the District Energy team at 651.297.8955, email, or support request form.