snow melt system clears sidewalkSnow melt technology clears sidewalks and streets making them safer while eliminating the need to shovel snow, chip ice, or apply salt and chemicals. Snow melt systems work by circulating a warm water and glycol mix through tubing installed below the pavement. Utilizing low temperature hot water allows for the incorporation of a wide variety of low-grade energy sources such as waste heat or return water.

Snow melt systems can be built into any pavement application including sidewalks, streets, stairs, and parking lots. The system can be set up to turn on automatically when the outdoor temperature and humidity indicate that it is snowing.

Snow melt eliminates the hassle, expense, and risk of manual snow removal. It also eliminates the use of chemicals and salts that are harmful to the watershed and corrosive to sidewalks and buildings. Snow removal chemicals not only damage building facades, but also find their way into buildings harming carpet and flooring. Walkways that are snow, ice, and salt-free will increase the comfort and confidence of building owners and their customers while reducing the risk of slip and falls.

snow melt piping in sidewalk      snow melt pipes in customer building